Foxy Mama Online Programmes

Featured in The Telegraph as one of ‘The Best Online Post Natal Fitness Plans’


We know how tough pregnancy and birth can be on the body and our online plans are here to help rebuild you in a safe and effective way. We also know that getting out to regular classes with a newborn can be tough and this is why we developed our 'FOXY MAMA ONLINE PLANS'

Foxy Mama FOUNDATIONS Phase One and Foxy Mama FIT Phase Two are verified by Niamh Burn Pelvic Health Physiotherapist for The Mummy Mot (see her glowning recommendation below) so know you are in reliable hands when it comes to starting your fitness after baby

We want you to be active and pain free and able to enjoy life and know that our plans will help you to do just this!

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Foxy Mama Foundations Phase One


Our FOUNDATIONS plan is perfect for complete beginners starting out on their fitness journey post birth

RECONNECT with your body after pregnancy and birth using specialised breathing, pelvic floor and core exercises

REBUILD the connections of your muscles and body with movements that are safe yet effective for a post natal women

STRENGTHEN your body from head to toe building solid foundations especially in the glutes and core, for more intense exercise further down the line and pain free living

Our 6 Week Online PLAN Includes

3 x 15-20 minute exercise workouts (includes image exercise library and video demos)

Stretching Routine

Eating well after baby tips provided by Julie Clark Nutrition

How to assess and measure Diastasis Recti or Abdominal Seperation

Movement Goals

**Our plan is £99 and available here**

*You will need to have a FREETOO red resistance band and exercise mat to perform all workouts from the FOUNDATIONS plan - all details provided in the Getting Started section of the programme*



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'Being Fit and Strong isnt a fad or trend, its a lifestyle'

Our FIT programme is perfect for mums who have completed some foundational exercise and are looking for that next challenge

It doesnt matter if you are 3 months or 1 year post baby this plan can be adjusted by selecting a lighter or heavier weight, it remains challenging yet still safe for mums to complete

STRONGER - Prepare to feel challenged with our STRENGTH workouts using kettlebells, mini bands and bodyweight exercises

FITTER - Completing our SWEAT section will see your cardio fitness sky rocket

HEALTHIER - Rounded off with a STRETCH and SELF MASSAGE routine our plan is focused on full body health


2 x 25 minute STRENGTH workouts

2 x 25 minute SWEAT workouts

1 x SELF MASSAGE routine

1 x STRETCH routine

Eating well after baby tips provided by Julie Clark Nutrition

MOVE goals


*You will need to have a kettlebell, self massage ball and exercise mat to complete our FIT plan - all details included in the Getting Started section of the programme* 

What did Niamh Burn - Pelvic Health Physio have to say about our programmes…

’’Pregnancy has a huge physical demand on the body, we also need to give our body time to recover no matter what way our baby comes into the world. I think its great if you find yourself in the hands of a trainer like Kelly who knows the ins and outs of these demands and common postnatal issues that can occur. She is knowledgable, experienced and has her focus set on mums and making the most thier recovery. I would recommend her Foxy Mama Online programme for anyone who is looking for a safe step by step plan for getting strong and fit again’’