Yes I am still feeling fairly exhausted but after a whirlwind 2 weeks my body is dare I say it feeling fairly healed from labour and I have managed to try a few exercises which are deemed safe for healing pelvic floor and core muscles

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Also tried to fit in some great exercises that allow my body to S T R E T C H and regain some mobility in those tight hips and chest from months of being front loaded with carrying my baby

My 4 Exercise Routine so far....

1. Heel Slides - great for activating deep abdominal core muscles

2. Hip Bridge - connecting and activating your glutes again after months of dominant thighs/quads

3. Downward dog to hip opening steps with reach - a fantastic yoga pose mixed with essential hip flexor opening stretches

4. Squats - regaining strength and mobility through the lumbar pelvic hip complex

I have to get used to being creative with my time as now I am a solo parent (Brad gone back to work) I barely have time to satisfy my basic hygiene requirements on some days

I find 5-10 minutes each day to fit in 2-3 sets of each exercise - try squatting whilst making dinner, pelvic floor breathing whilst showering, hip bridging and heel slides whilst baby takes a nap.

The exercises don't have to be performed all in one go, intermittently is fine - the most important thing is you listen to your body, some ladies wont be ready to exercise yet and that's completely normal, the healing process can take a while as can sleep recovery

Make sure if you have any concerns about your recovery, potential problems such as prolapse pelvic floor or diastasis recti (splitting of the abdominal wall) that you get these checked out first and foremost

If these are all ok then also know there is no clear guideline as to the when you should start again, that is down to when YOU feel ready

When you do then the above exercises are completely safe and beneficial to start the road to recovery, health and regaining your fitness