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12 Weeks Foxy Mama PT Plan

πŸ’₯10kg weight drop

πŸ’₯5% body fat drop

πŸ’₯18cm off Waist!!!

πŸ’₯12cm off hips

πŸ’₯Huge improvement in fitness and strength

πŸ’₯Massive increase in energy, sleep and all health markers


πŸ‘€The measures are eye catching! Enough to make you stop and read on I bet....but why are these transformations so different? πŸ‘€


Our 8/12 week plans are so much more than a list of reduced measures!




β€˜I sleep so much better, my energy is 10/10 compared to last year, I fit into all my old clothes and I feel more in control of my diet now than I ever have’


β€˜I can perform planks and push ups now whereas before I could barely do either! And my balance and strength have hugely improved’


These plans provide your personal blueprint for understanding exactly what is needed to maintain a healthy diet & weight, an active lifestyle and positive attitude towards your body




Background Story


Mrs N is a mum of 2


During each pregnancy and post baby a little more weight had crept on and stayed on


With two mini people taking up most of her time exercise had disappeared and mindless, stress related eating had become a regular feature.

With the wake up call of two friends close in age suffering serious health issues it was time to take action and think about her own health


If you’re a mum then you know how easy it is to fall into the traps of having little if any time to exercise and regularly using quick fix comforting eating habits to get by


Physically post pregnancy is hard, it can be really tough on your body in lots of different ways and the result is many aren’t as comfortable in their own skin as they once were - it’s that simple


Mrs N trained with us twice per week and came along to a HIIT Class once a week


We provided the diet and training template alongside using a fitness tracker to measure steps




At Fitness Fox we don’t have a magic wand to make all your goals come true overnight but we do remove the guessing out of exactly what each person needs in order to make getting fitter, healthier and leaner a process which isn’t unrealistic or hugely overwhelming


We work with you exactly where you are be it complete beginner, 8 weeks or 2 years post baby, niggles aches and pains, we can work around them all 😊


We are not here to add more stress to your life with hardcore or extreme training sessions or hugely restrictive eating plans


We are fully experienced with working with post natal mums wherever they are on their journey to improve their lifestyle and increase their feelings of body confidence and health


If you’re keen to know anymore please do get in touch!!