🌟🌟Spring PT Offers🌟🌟


For the next month only we are offering a whopping 15% off our popular ‘Foxy Mama (post natal)’ & ‘Ignite’ 8 week personal training packages


🏋️Focusing on diet, exercise & lifestyle in sync for 8 solid weeks will give you incredible results🏋️


Fitter & Firmer - All our training methods are specifically designed to enhance a woman’s body and shape and add strength, fitness and tone


Leaner & Healthier - Our nutrition plan works with your personal tastes and is formulated based on your body mass and goals. We teach you to understand what makes a balanced plate and portion size specifically for YOU


Long Lasting Results - This is not a quick fix and off you go none the wiser on how to eat or live a healthy balanced injury free life. The blueprint is yours to enjoy and work from forever!


If that’s not enough for you check out the reminders below of previous ladies achievements on our programmes. Whilst these obviously focus on appearance there is so much more to these results

Not one lady left without feeling much more confident, less stressed, sleeping much better and feeling FIT and HAPPY! 🙌


Click here for the link to full info & prices (remember to take off the 15%)