⭐️Mrs D Tuesday Transformation⭐️

🏋️‍‘’Losing the weight I set out to lose has been brilliant, but I think the biggest achievement has been how much fitter and stronger I feel’’🏋️‍

Mrs D recently completed our signature Foxy Mama 8 week diet & exercise programme and her results were just ACE!

Background Info
Mum of two young children (youngest 8 months) 
She felt it was time now to focus on herself, get her diet back on track and tackle the post pregnancy weight gain 

⭐️LOST 6.5kg
⭐️LOST 5% body fat
⭐️LOST 10cm off her waist
⭐️LOST 5cm off her hips
**Maintained her muscle mass at 45kg**

All the weight dropped was body fat, and this is due to the type of exercise performed and the specialised diet for fat loss 

What did Mrs D say?

What have you learnt from our programme? I've learnt how to eat in a balanced way that's sustainable in the long term, and how to build exercise into my week so that I make sure I do it. 

What did you find the most challenging? Trying to avoid undoing my hard work when I went out for dinner.

What did you find most rewarding? The moment I tried on my pre-pregnancy wardrobe again, and it all fitted! 

In 8 weeks you really can make a difference !

Interested to know more...?!
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Have a great day ladies 😘