Training post pregnancy can be a confusing subject. It ought to be easy given what we have just been through but its rather a minefield of information! And as new mums with sleep deprivation kicking in sifting through it all is a little too time consuming for most

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In my opinion, and as an experienced mummy of one, I do believe that far too much emphasis is placed on fitting back into your pre pregnancy clothes and snapping back to the old you

*REMINDER* You have grown, carried and delivered a tiny teeny human being. Your body has been through trauma to safely introduce your bundle to the world and you need TIME and HEALING to recover both mentally and physically from this exhausting/incredible feat

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You may feel 'ready' after a few weeks or months of resting and getting your sleep back on some kind of new normal routine but, and this is a big but, please make sure you safely begin your journey of getting back in shape with the right exercise and the right amount

So what exactly do I mean?!

I mean focusing on strengthening the pelvic floor, core and glutes of course!

Many new mums begin their training with bootcamps (jumping, running, skipping) or jogging or youtube HIIT workouts, and whilst I am all for exercise of this nature being part of a healthy lifestyle, doing this without properly rehabbing and strengthening can wreak havoc on your body! (pelvic organ prolapse, chronic lower back pain or incontinence)

Ok so enough of the negative that's not my intention for this post but it's a pet peeve of mine because I have seen the consequences, I am here to offer a helping hand on the starter exercises which are IDEAL for someone who is just starting out with fitness again post baby!

This routine is for anyone who has recently had a baby and is looking for a super simple and effective home workout that takes around 15 minutes

Check out my video for full demos and explanations