Its a common misconception that you have to be fit to start exercising with a personal trainer - NOT TRUE!

If people waited until they were ‘fit enough’ to start exercising that may mean they never even begin, EVER!

The other common misconception is that a personal trainer ‘nails’ you in each and every session - again simply NOT TRUE!


I mean don't get me wrong a trainer is there to get the best out of you, and that may mean pushing you out of your comfort zone but it absolutely does not mean that we start pushing you to extreme limits, making you vomit or killing you in a way that you dread the doorbell going before every PT

Our job here is to start with clients exactly at the level they are at, this may mean that I train ladies that have NEVER exercised in their life, and that is totally ok, we work on foundational movement and within a few weeks or months they are flabbergasted at what they have achieved and how different they feel

Now obviously a big part of our client base is mums and a lot of these are new mums who are starting their fitness journey again after giving birth. This type of reintroduction to exercise HAS to be performed in a very certain way focusing on rehab and recovery and slowly building up to previous levels of fitness

My biggest pet peeve is when I see trainers on Instagram training their celeb new mum clients and pushing them way too hard and performing exercisers that are all about ‘losing the baby fat’ without any regard to their pelvic floor health AT ALL!!

To illustrate the points I am making here I want to share with you one of our client stories ….

Emma R - Full Story

Emma had a baby in February 2018 and was SUPER keen to get going again, having been quite an active and fit lady at times I could tell she wasn't loving feeling tired, weak, bigger and all the other things that happen after childbirth


It was perhaps an eye opener for Emma to understand that after carrying a child and going through labor our bodies have performed an enormous and wonderful task and the toll it takes it huge, mentally, physically and emotionally

We may feel ‘ready to go’ at that 6 week check but really who are we kidding?!

We have to honour our bodies and what has happened and understand that working fitness and health back into our lives is always going to be different and pose new challenges

Now without wanting to sound all doom and gloom, as all the mummies know its definitely not, its just a new process and understanding progress is slow, steady and rehab comes first is MOST important

So where we started with Emma is quite simply this

  • Learning how to breathe again, into the belly, ribs and pelvic floor

  • Learning how to engage the pelvic floor and relax it too

  • Bodyweight movements proved ‘tough’ performing a series of squats, glute bridges, clams and lunges for example

  • Gentle mobility to open chest, shoulder and hips


Throughout each week we worked a little harder, adding more variations and Emma being the diligent client did her pelvic floor and core homework to strengthen these muscles effectively in between sessions

Now, 6 months on we are HERE!!!

STRONG - FIT - HEALTHY - PAIN FREE! Emma has also been checked by a pelvic health physio and her pelvic floor is strong and her abdominal separation is healed

And this has been a journey of working slowly, adding intensity bit by bit but most importantly working safely at the start

In terms of diet and measurements Emma has dropped 15kg in a slow, steady and progressive manner and I did teach her how to track and record her food but by no means was this a focal point of the programme

A general education of energy balance, healthy eating and calorie contents of foods was all I needed to do to make Emma aware of in order to successfully think about these things and try and work them into her eating patterns

So if you are ever wondering or thinking you are not FIT enough or READY for a personal trainer, THINK AGAIN. We can often help you reach your goals in a much more effective, safe and enjoyable way than sitting and waiting it out - for months, years or a lifetime!!