The days might be shorter and darker and the carb cravings may be going into overload, but winter does not have to be a time to sack off the healthy exercise habits

Winter can be a great time to get creative with your fitness, to mix up your workouts, to try something new or to sign up to some fun classes


Set a big goal for 2018 and share it with friends – Get yourself signed up for a big event such as a tough mudder, a 10km run, a sprint triathlon and get your friends on board. If you want to keep focused then this is a great way to keep grinding out great workouts over the winter months and all with a buddy to keep it fun!


 Get strong and sculpted –Indoor workouts during winter are much more appealing for obvious reasons so what better opportunity to set yourself a strength goal! Contrary to popular belief women love feeling strong and powerful, a real achievement for female strength is to perform 15 full push up, 3 bodyweight chin ups or a plank for 2 minutes


Indulge in the right kit – A change of wardrobe is most certainly required if you are an outside exerciser during the colder months. If there is anything that gets me motivated to get out its throwing on some new fancy printed leggings! The fact of the matter is, fashion is something that gets our brains excited. Women in particular tend to find their feelings of confidence and capability will relate directly to what they’re wearing. Nike have a fabulous range of winter warming exercise kit, if you are on a budget however then you might want to try H and M sportswear, just as fashion forward but for half the price


 Get creative at home. –Sure, getting to the gym can be more of a hassle when it is cold outside, but you can just use your body weight for a killer workout. High intensity interval or HIT training is fantastic for accelerating your metabolism and maximising fat burning. Pick 3-4 exercises and repeat them 3 x in a circuit for 30-45 seconds each, my personal favourites are bear crawls, split scissor jumps, squat jumps and mountain climbers