Miss C achieved some INCREDIBLE results from our 8 week IGNITE package, it really goes to show with focus on diet, lifestyle and smart training you CAN make a huge difference to your fitness, strength and physique!


Having had 2 babies in fairly quick succession and with little exercise in between and during the second pregnancy Miss C was left feeling very unfit, weak and much heavier than after baby number one 

Coupled with knee and shoulder aches from pregnancy/breastfeeding and the long period of inactivity it was definitely time for Miss C to take action to improve her both physical and mental health, fitness and lifestyle….

Her main goals were to FEEL fitter and stronger, to LOOK better and get back into eating habits that promoted health and wellbeing



Weight 64.2kg TOTAL LOSS = 6kg

Loss of 5kg body fat

Body Fat dropped from 36% to 32%

Waist dropped from 101cm to 90cm TOTAL LOSS = 11CM!

Maintained muscle mass at 40kg throughout the programme



2 x one hour PT p.wk and 1 x 45 minute home workout EVERY week


Helping Miss C to mobilise tight hips and chest and also activate the muscles that had become inactive during pregnancy was our first focus e.g GLUTES were very slack and contributed to Miss C's knee and ankle pain which coincidently disappeared by the end of the programme *WOOHOO*


Miss C is stronger and fitter after advancing in all strength based movements and learning new skills such as boxing, this has all contributed to her fat loss, muscle tone, joint health and posture


HIGHER PROTEIN DIETS REALLY DO WORK for all those ladies who are looking to shift fat and favourably alter body composition so that you are firmer and leaner, make sure you have a diet adequate in protein, grams per day should equate approx. to twice your bodyweight in KG

CHECK OUT THIS ARTICLE - http://www.womenshealthmag.com/food/should-you-double-up-on-protein-to-lose-weight

Use a nutrition tracker such as My Fitness Pal to work out exactly what you are consuming and the breakdown of your diet 

REALLY IMPORTANT!....We also used a jawbone motion sensor wristband to make sure sleep and movement were both also supporting her goals (10,000 steps per day and 7-8 hours sleep per night)

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