So its been a while since I last posted and with all the best intentions in the world life is just much more demanding with a 6 month old :-)


And whilst it may be more challenging to fit in those workouts, prep those healthy meals and generally stay on top of your game ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE......

I have slowly worked my way back up to training 3-4x per week (where poss!) and eating a diet rich in protein to help maintain my muscle mass, lots of veggies for vitamin and mineral supply and making smarter choices with my carb intake - always with a little bit of room for dark chocolate though!

Maybe you are reading this thinking 'yeah right, your a PT you don't live my life' but trust me I have worked with lots of new mums and we ALL face the same challenges - little time, lack of sleep, low motivation and just not really knowing where to start

I know that some peoples starting points are totally different and yes you may find it harder than others but I do honestly believe that just making a few changes consistently is the way forward in getting your health and fitness and just generally feeling good back on track

More specifically for those wondering where they can start here are my 3 TOP TIPS for getting back into the groove...

TIP 1 - Get a fitness tracker and make sure you MOVE on a daily basis at least 10,000 steps

A fitbit or jawbone motion sensor wristband are the two that I use regularly with my PT clients

Moving 10,000 steps may seem a lot but trust me if you are fairly active throughout the day you will be surprised how many steps you rack up

Taking this amount of daily steps helps us to not only stay within the health guidelines for movement but it greatly improves mental health too especially if you take a nice long walk outside

TIP 2 - Track your food intake using My Fitness Pal or similar

How do you ever know if you are eating too much, too little or simply getting the correct amount of protein, fats or carbs

Those that struggle to lose the baby weight post birth will 100% benefit from finding out exactly what they need and what they are consuming

Its totally normal to think cutting things out is enough, wrong, even those who appear to choose the right foods may still be getting too much in terms of energy or kcals and therefore their efforts seem futile and frustration follows

TIP 3 - Find a local post natal exercise class

The social support plus the scheduled exercise should really help to boost both your morale AND your fitness not to mention the extra kcals expended during the workouts

Even if you dislike the idea of an exercise class I guarantee you will finish the session feeling much better and invigorated  

We are loving our Fox and Cub sessions in Clissold Park and The Space East, if you are anywhere near N16 OR E7 then most definitely come and give us a go!