This week we launched our BRAND NEW group Fox and Cubs - Mum and Baby Workouts!

These are gentle cardio and strength movement based classes to allow mums to get back into shape with safe, effective and enjoyable exercise

We loved the first session, It is such an energising and nourishing class and are just a delightful environment to be a part of!

Its really easy to think that exercise has to be hard in order to be effective but with post natal bodies you really do have to take it slow and steady and respect your vessel in those early weeks and months - and even gentle exercise is really really beneficial to both physical and mental health

It can take your body up to  9 months to recover you also have to deal with your baby induced extra tiredness and stress on your system, so pushing yourself too hard is counter productive

Most mummies are itching to do some form of exercise after the 6 week check up and our groups enable you to get out with your bubba, know that you are going to move around, burn a few calories and safely perform the necessary exercises for your tummy and core is really motivating and rewarding

These two videos are demos of some really useful and beneficial exercise routines to keep mobile and to exercise your core and tummy

Have a go and let us know what you think!