After almost 3 months since my little bundle arrived into the world I am feeling well and truly back on the road to healthy body and mind

Thankfully sleep has improved which has allowed me to slowly and steadily up my training each week

I have embraced working out at home and the gym once again and it feels great!

Having completed 6 weeks of full body exercise routines including gentler intensities of pulling, pushing, squatting, lunging, bridging and core exercises my body feels stronger, fitter and leaner

However I really want to mention that I am nowhere near my pre baby body and I don't know if my body will ever be exactly the same - and I am totally fine with that! The appreciation for what your body goes through in pregnancy and labour is indescribable and my focus is on a body that is strong, injury free and mobile enough to allow me to live life with my baby and feel great

This week Istarted a new gym programme.....Strong Curves by Bret Contreras, this is an awesome routine that has a big focus on strengthening the glutes.....

Pics and updates to follow!


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