The Foxy Mama Method

A specialised post natal 6 week training and nutrition plan

Whether you are a brand new mum or a few months into your post natal fitness journey, this plan will give you everything you need to start feeling and looking fitter, stronger and healthier, in just 6 weeks

We have compiled time effective and safe workouts that build full body strength, assist with fat loss and help retrain the core and pelvic floor

Nutrition is absolutely vital to feeling good, being able to carry out new motherhood duties AND helping heal the post natal body. With this in mind we provide a step by step guide on how to eat a balanced diet alongside easy no faff meal recipes

In addition to the fitness and nutrition plan you also receive a full body mobility routine which is really important to maintain good posture and keep those aches and pains at bayi

This amazing 6 week package is available as both a solo or group programme (groups of 2-3)

So what exactly do you receive on The Foxy Mama Method?

- 12 Personal Training Session

- 2 x Foxy Mama Home Workouts

 - 1 x Foxy Mama mobility Routine

- Food Plan

- Online guidance, mini goals and weekly check ins

Payment plans are available for this package, for more details contact kelly@fitnessfoxlond

Fox & Cubs

Mum and Baby Group Exercise


These friendly mum and baby sessions are designed specifically to help ladies regain core strength,
drop post baby pounds and firm up the whole body

What to expect......

Fat burning cardio and strength circuits
Modified HIIT circuits to burn fat and build lean firm muscle, we use resistance bands,
dumbbells and bodyweight exercises to improve muscle tone and fitness

Core and abdominal exercises
Specific exercises to retrain the pelvic floor and core muscles all helping to safely tone up the tummy

Posture enhancing drills
Releasing tightness in areas such as the hips and chest from pregnancy is
of great importance to help improve posture and achieve full body mobility


Classes run for 45 minutes and take place in West Ham Park on Tues and Fri 11:15-12pm, meeting point Margery Park Gate

To book or please email