The days might be shorter and darker and the carb cravings may be going into overload, but winter does not have to be a time to sack off the healthy exercise habits

Winter can be a great time to get creative with your fitness, to mix up your workouts, to try something new or to sign up to some fun classes


Set a big goal for 2018 and share it with friends – Get yourself signed up for a big event such as a tough mudder, a 10km run, a sprint triathlon and get your friends on board. If you want to keep focused then this is a great way to keep grinding out great workouts over the winter months and all with a buddy to keep it fun!


 Get strong and sculpted –Indoor workouts during winter are much more appealing for obvious reasons so what better opportunity to set yourself a strength goal! Contrary to popular belief women love feeling strong and powerful, a real achievement for female strength is to perform 15 full push up, 3 bodyweight chin ups or a plank for 2 minutes


Indulge in the right kit – A change of wardrobe is most certainly required if you are an outside exerciser during the colder months. If there is anything that gets me motivated to get out its throwing on some new fancy printed leggings! The fact of the matter is, fashion is something that gets our brains excited. Women in particular tend to find their feelings of confidence and capability will relate directly to what they’re wearing. Nike have a fabulous range of winter warming exercise kit, if you are on a budget however then you might want to try H and M sportswear, just as fashion forward but for half the price


 Get creative at home. –Sure, getting to the gym can be more of a hassle when it is cold outside, but you can just use your body weight for a killer workout. High intensity interval or HIT training is fantastic for accelerating your metabolism and maximising fat burning. Pick 3-4 exercises and repeat them 3 x in a circuit for 30-45 seconds each, my personal favourites are bear crawls, split scissor jumps, squat jumps and mountain climbers





Miss C achieved some INCREDIBLE results from our 8 week IGNITE package, it really goes to show with focus on diet, lifestyle and smart training you CAN make a huge difference to your fitness, strength and physique!


Having had 2 babies in fairly quick succession and with little exercise in between and during the second pregnancy Miss C was left feeling very unfit, weak and much heavier than after baby number one 

Coupled with knee and shoulder aches from pregnancy/breastfeeding and the long period of inactivity it was definitely time for Miss C to take action to improve her both physical and mental health, fitness and lifestyle….

Her main goals were to FEEL fitter and stronger, to LOOK better and get back into eating habits that promoted health and wellbeing



Weight 64.2kg TOTAL LOSS = 6kg

Loss of 5kg body fat

Body Fat dropped from 36% to 32%

Waist dropped from 101cm to 90cm TOTAL LOSS = 11CM!

Maintained muscle mass at 40kg throughout the programme



2 x one hour PT p.wk and 1 x 45 minute home workout EVERY week


Helping Miss C to mobilise tight hips and chest and also activate the muscles that had become inactive during pregnancy was our first focus e.g GLUTES were very slack and contributed to Miss C's knee and ankle pain which coincidently disappeared by the end of the programme *WOOHOO*


Miss C is stronger and fitter after advancing in all strength based movements and learning new skills such as boxing, this has all contributed to her fat loss, muscle tone, joint health and posture


HIGHER PROTEIN DIETS REALLY DO WORK for all those ladies who are looking to shift fat and favourably alter body composition so that you are firmer and leaner, make sure you have a diet adequate in protein, grams per day should equate approx. to twice your bodyweight in KG


Use a nutrition tracker such as My Fitness Pal to work out exactly what you are consuming and the breakdown of your diet 

REALLY IMPORTANT!....We also used a jawbone motion sensor wristband to make sure sleep and movement were both also supporting her goals (10,000 steps per day and 7-8 hours sleep per night)

We are still offering 10% off our PT packages until the end of January so please get in touch if you are interested





So its been a while since I last posted and with all the best intentions in the world life is just much more demanding with a 6 month old :-)


And whilst it may be more challenging to fit in those workouts, prep those healthy meals and generally stay on top of your game ITS NOT IMPOSSIBLE......

I have slowly worked my way back up to training 3-4x per week (where poss!) and eating a diet rich in protein to help maintain my muscle mass, lots of veggies for vitamin and mineral supply and making smarter choices with my carb intake - always with a little bit of room for dark chocolate though!

Maybe you are reading this thinking 'yeah right, your a PT you don't live my life' but trust me I have worked with lots of new mums and we ALL face the same challenges - little time, lack of sleep, low motivation and just not really knowing where to start

I know that some peoples starting points are totally different and yes you may find it harder than others but I do honestly believe that just making a few changes consistently is the way forward in getting your health and fitness and just generally feeling good back on track

More specifically for those wondering where they can start here are my 3 TOP TIPS for getting back into the groove...

TIP 1 - Get a fitness tracker and make sure you MOVE on a daily basis at least 10,000 steps

A fitbit or jawbone motion sensor wristband are the two that I use regularly with my PT clients

Moving 10,000 steps may seem a lot but trust me if you are fairly active throughout the day you will be surprised how many steps you rack up

Taking this amount of daily steps helps us to not only stay within the health guidelines for movement but it greatly improves mental health too especially if you take a nice long walk outside

TIP 2 - Track your food intake using My Fitness Pal or similar

How do you ever know if you are eating too much, too little or simply getting the correct amount of protein, fats or carbs

Those that struggle to lose the baby weight post birth will 100% benefit from finding out exactly what they need and what they are consuming

Its totally normal to think cutting things out is enough, wrong, even those who appear to choose the right foods may still be getting too much in terms of energy or kcals and therefore their efforts seem futile and frustration follows

TIP 3 - Find a local post natal exercise class

The social support plus the scheduled exercise should really help to boost both your morale AND your fitness not to mention the extra kcals expended during the workouts

Even if you dislike the idea of an exercise class I guarantee you will finish the session feeling much better and invigorated  

We are loving our Fox and Cub sessions in Clissold Park and The Space East, if you are anywhere near N16 OR E7 then most definitely come and give us a go!






Small steps BIG results


Small steps BIG results

This week we launched our BRAND NEW group Fox and Cubs - Mum and Baby Workouts!

These are gentle cardio and strength movement based classes to allow mums to get back into shape with safe, effective and enjoyable exercise

We loved the first session, It is such an energising and nourishing class and are just a delightful environment to be a part of!

Its really easy to think that exercise has to be hard in order to be effective but with post natal bodies you really do have to take it slow and steady and respect your vessel in those early weeks and months - and even gentle exercise is really really beneficial to both physical and mental health

It can take your body up to  9 months to recover you also have to deal with your baby induced extra tiredness and stress on your system, so pushing yourself too hard is counter productive

Most mummies are itching to do some form of exercise after the 6 week check up and our groups enable you to get out with your bubba, know that you are going to move around, burn a few calories and safely perform the necessary exercises for your tummy and core is really motivating and rewarding

These two videos are demos of some really useful and beneficial exercise routines to keep mobile and to exercise your core and tummy

Have a go and let us know what you think!


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A new chapter, a new body....

After almost 3 months since my little bundle arrived into the world I am feeling well and truly back on the road to healthy body and mind

Thankfully sleep has improved which has allowed me to slowly and steadily up my training each week

I have embraced working out at home and the gym once again and it feels great!

Having completed 6 weeks of full body exercise routines including gentler intensities of pulling, pushing, squatting, lunging, bridging and core exercises my body feels stronger, fitter and leaner

However I really want to mention that I am nowhere near my pre baby body and I don't know if my body will ever be exactly the same - and I am totally fine with that! The appreciation for what your body goes through in pregnancy and labour is indescribable and my focus is on a body that is strong, injury free and mobile enough to allow me to live life with my baby and feel great

This week Istarted a new gym programme.....Strong Curves by Bret Contreras, this is an awesome routine that has a big focus on strengthening the glutes.....

Pics and updates to follow!


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Post Natal Exercise Diary Week 2 - My 4 go to exercises to start the recovery!

Yes I am still feeling fairly exhausted but after a whirlwind 2 weeks my body is dare I say it feeling fairly healed from labour and I have managed to try a few exercises which are deemed safe for healing pelvic floor and core muscles

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Also tried to fit in some great exercises that allow my body to S T R E T C H and regain some mobility in those tight hips and chest from months of being front loaded with carrying my baby

My 4 Exercise Routine so far....

1. Heel Slides - great for activating deep abdominal core muscles

2. Hip Bridge - connecting and activating your glutes again after months of dominant thighs/quads

3. Downward dog to hip opening steps with reach - a fantastic yoga pose mixed with essential hip flexor opening stretches

4. Squats - regaining strength and mobility through the lumbar pelvic hip complex

I have to get used to being creative with my time as now I am a solo parent (Brad gone back to work) I barely have time to satisfy my basic hygiene requirements on some days

I find 5-10 minutes each day to fit in 2-3 sets of each exercise - try squatting whilst making dinner, pelvic floor breathing whilst showering, hip bridging and heel slides whilst baby takes a nap.

The exercises don't have to be performed all in one go, intermittently is fine - the most important thing is you listen to your body, some ladies wont be ready to exercise yet and that's completely normal, the healing process can take a while as can sleep recovery

Make sure if you have any concerns about your recovery, potential problems such as prolapse pelvic floor or diastasis recti (splitting of the abdominal wall) that you get these checked out first and foremost

If these are all ok then also know there is no clear guideline as to the when you should start again, that is down to when YOU feel ready

When you do then the above exercises are completely safe and beneficial to start the road to recovery, health and regaining your fitness


The modern women's guide to post natal exercise


The modern women's guide to post natal exercise


Fitness Fox blog first instalment! 

FOCUS - post natal training

My intentions here are to help any ladies out there who have given birth to have a understanding of what they can do exercise wise post baby, whilst I myself transition through this journey!

When I say 'modern women' I mean up to date real world training advice based on the current info we now have on the do's and don'ts of how to train for a healthy, fit and strong body and mind, it has moved on a hell of a lot in the last 10 years 

I am feeling just about normal after a whirlwind week of highs and very tired spots and know that the tiredness isn't going away any time soon!

My body has just been through an epic journey and I can certainly say i have a new level of respect for what this vessel has just done

The go to article I use for the first few exercises is here: 

Any way for now I wanted to get the first post out there and there will be many more to follow over the coming months